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Learning to Fly is one of the oldest ultimate teams in India. We started playing Ultimate in Feb 2008. Since then we have been riding the wave of increasing popularity of the sport in this country. Ultimate is now part and parcel of our daily lives!

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We play Ultimate every week, mornings or evenings, depending on ground availability. You are welcome to join the newbie sessions. Join us for a fun filled session of Ultimate.

We'd request that you ping us before coming to the game.

Grounds BFS   Loyola

Growing Ultimate

We in L2F do our bit at guiding individuals who are interested in Ultimate. Many players write to us to know if they can play Ultimate in their city, in case we are in touch with a team in the city we try our best to help fresh talent join the pool of players from that city. So we felt it would be good to showcase teams across the length and breadth of India to help individuals identify team in thier city and join in for some Ultimate fun.

Check out the India Ultimate and UPAI - Ultimate Players Association of India website for up to date information on various ultimate teams & tournaments in India

Our Story

The sudden rare appearance of Leo Frisbee in the market revived a long-lost sport in 2003. The occasional playing in between classes during Engineering had fizzled down to nothing. Four of us started swinging the Leo discs in Cubbon park on Sunday evenings. Within a few months of a chain reaction, we had 20 people showing up for games which were noisy more than anything else. Lot of faffing, and even more of sugarcane juice used to characterize this social event.

One fine evening, someone got a brilliant brainwave of playing a game on a weekday morning - Wednesday, just to break the rut of the work-week. That was a turning point for us. Soon these games became regular, and the sporting arena moved from Cubbon Park to RSI to Parade Grounds to Nandan Grounds to Police Grounds and NAL grounds, as we successively got kicked out of the grounds one after the other.

All this while, our game would involve two teams playing on a long, narrow pitch marked by goal posts at each end. The aim of the game was to "shoot" the Frisbee through the goal of the defending team which was guarded by a goalie.

There were lots of ups and downs we faced in the game through the years - with numbers and enthusiasm dwindling. But we carried on - with weekend games continuing to be much looked-forward-to affairs. However, to attract more players, we created a website, and even left our contact numbers at the sports shops from where we bought the discs, hoping other disc buyers might call us for a game.

All this effort paid off when another team got in touch with us. These guys, who are outdoor enthusiasts, wanted to take part in a Frisbee tournament happening at Kodaikanal in March 2008. On hearing of the "fly-baba" tournament, we switched to Ultimate Frisbee. We hooked up with the other Bangalore team for a few weekend games. Since this version of the sport was new to us, we would meet on Friday evenings at Airlines and strategize using glasses as players in preparation for the Saturday morning games. We were determined to get a hang of a game which we had been playing for years - although a different version.

And once we got on to Ultimate there was no looking back. We realized this is what we wanted to do all the while, Ultimate. The first tournament that we took part in we finished at the second spot. And we knew we can do better, we practiced harder, and made sure that Learning to Fly is one of the top teams in India. Now after all these years we believe we have done justice to our Vision then. We are counted as the one of the top teams in the country, with this we are trying to set higher goals.

In Sep '10 we went out for our first international tournament. We were at the Singapore Ultimate Open, as a part of team Masala Chai, comprising of players from all over India, and we did do well there. We went on to win the SOTG award.